What happened in 2010?

February, 17th:
- added some new photos of a Bugatti T101
- added a website, showing models of 1971 & 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix

March, 14th:
- added new photos of Jim Milliken's 1975 Blackhawk
- added new photos of a 1977 Blackhawk, located in Spain
- added the color names of the Du Pont color samples
- added a scan of a 1973 Pontiac Grand Prix ad, thanks to Claude Ricks

April, 18th:
- added a website for Jim Milliken's Stutz Showcase, showing all his 5 Stutzes at a local cruise-in, thanks for the photos to Dan Wulff, and Dave Hackney
- added a new photo, and an extra website for one of the "Royal Guard"-Stutzes, thanks to the owner Husam Al-Maliki
- added new pics of a 1977 Blackhawk, standing next to a Zimmer Golden Spirit!
- added a photo of a 1977 Blackhawk, which is now on the road again
- added a list of magazine articles that featured the Ghia Gilda
- added a scan of an ad, featuring the Stutz dealership of Mr. Smyly

May, 30th:
- added new pictures of the Stutz Royal Guard, owned by Husam Al-Maliki
- added two new Stutzes to the Mystery-Page, a 1974 Blackhawk, and a IV-Porte, thanks to Abdullah Algatnan
- added a poster for a car show at German's Stutz dealer Auto-Becker

June, 13th:
- added a website for a white Bear
- added a poor photo of the Bugatti T101, bodied by Antem, it was the only missing T101 on the website.

July, 18th:
- a 1971 Blackhawk was sold, and will go to Denmark
- two new photos of Oranges' orange 1976 Blackhawk

August, 1st:
- added a 1978 Blackhawk to the registry,
the car, owned by J. Rinaldi, was featured in an online article

September, 19th:
- corrected the VIN of Joe Rinaldi's 1978 Blackhawk
- added info on a 1971 Blackhawk
- added info on a 1972 Blackhawk
- added info on a 1975 Blackhawk
- added info on a 1979 Blackhawk
- updated info of a 1983 IV-Porte

September, 26th:
- a IV-Porte is for-sale, again
- a Barris Titan is for sale, again
- and there is a basic Bear for sale..., well, it's a standard 1985 Chevrolet Suburban, perhaps anybody is interested to create a Bear-Replica?

December, 19th:
- added 4 b/w-photos showing the production at the Saturn Company, thanks to G. Gili, who worked for Saturn
- Michael Bengtsson bought another IV-Porte, preowned by Kenny Rogers
(there are not so many multiple Stutz-owners around, but I think he is the first one with two IV-Portes, both in white)

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